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  1. Lee: thoughtful points. Thoughtfully made. My two bits: some of the learning science you’re calling for needs to be really personal. To the point where every Rep can ‘own’ their own outcomes. By seeing how small improvements in their practices can improve the results they’re getting. Day-to-day. IMO, Reps ought to be able to conquer many of the things that now [invisibly] impede their results. All they need is a clear picture of what to focus on fixing. Advances in learning science, measurement, and data visualization make that possible. With self-accountable Reps, self-aware of how they’re doing, the value of coaching can be much higher. There’s be no need to highlight the need for persistent, disciplined, timely execution. Everyone can see that for themselves. What’s left over are much more interesting, strategic, questions. What kinds of buyers to approach, on what issues, and with what questions. On that, IMO, there’s enormous potential for a team of smart, self-motivated, sales professionals to learn much with the help of each other. And their manager/coach. Suspect that’s the kind of sales team that many of today’s best Reps would love to be a part of. Trust this adds some value. – John

  2. Yeah, Lee!! I could not have said it all better. Here’s what I loved:

    “Instead, the sales rep must be inquisitive about their customer’s business, good “behaviors” reinforced, and individual learnings shared with other team members.

    I know sales people are capable of this approach and more. I’ve worked with many who do this every day. I’ve also seen organizations beat the creativity out of those people, put them in boxes, and force them to recite the corporate mantra.”

    This is the heart of the matter. Please help my people!

    Debbie Gee

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